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The 60 Minute Kids Club Starts April 15th!

Tallahassee is one of 3 schools in the Halifax Regional School Board who have been asked to pilot a fitness project!  With the startling statistics regarding obesity and cardiovascular disease we are thrilled to be a part of a solution.

We will be taking part in this year’s 60 Minute Kids’ Club Challenge, running April 15th – June 1st! The 60MKC program is offered for FREE due to sponsorships from TELUS and Innovative Fitness.

The students will have the opportunity to sign up under their school online: www.60minkidsclub.org and track 6 healthy living behaviours over the 45 days. The healthy choice trackers include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, hydration, screen time, and positive thoughts/mental health. They will earn points for themselves and their school as they will be working as a team to improve and practice these healthy choices daily!

The 60 Minute Kids Club Kick-Off Assembly is Tuesday, April 15th at 1:00!

We are inviting all parents to come.  Members from the Halifax Regional School Board, a 60 Minute Kids Club representative and a local athlete will be in attendance.  All questions can be answered here. It is a 30-45 minute presentation, please try and come here to hang out with your child for a bit in the afternoon.



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Welcome to the Tallahassee Community School web site. At T.C.S., we provide a safe, effective learning environment for all our students. As of September 2013, we have over 470 students attending our school: in English, from grades Primary to Four and in French, from grades Primary to Three. Upon completion of Grade (Three or) Four, students move on to Seaside Elementary for Grades (Four), Five and Six.

We strive to make our school an open and welcoming place for our community, but we are also very mindful of providing the best security possible for your children. Whenever you come to the school (whether to the Cafeteria, the Classrooms, the Playgrounds, etc.), please sign in at the Office and get a "VISITOR" or "VOLUNTEER" Identification Badge first.


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