Our History

Tallahassee Community School was first opened in January 1992. It is one of two junior elementary schools (P – 4) serving the Eastern Passage, Cow Bay and Shearwater area of Nova Scotia.

With a growing community population, 460 with an approximate enrolment of 260 English students (P-4) and 200 French immersion students (P – 3) in 2012. There are 19 classrooms and two Learning Centre classrooms. We offer a school-based free breakfast program which operates Monday-Friday with an average of 60 participants per day. In addition there is also optional hot lunch available as well as recess and lunch canteen selections. The cafeteria services on average 250 students per day. There is a large portion of the student population which is bussed to school, with the balance either transported by parents and caregivers or walking.

Tallahassee Community School is a two story brick building which is well maintained and was largely restored after severe damage suffered in Hurricane Juan. Both of our playgrounds have recently been upgraded for safety, as well there is an elevator to assist our special needs population. There is ample parking available at Tallahassee Community School as it is attached to a Halifax Regional Municipality public recreation centre, which is used by the community at large.

Our Namesake

The Tallahassee was a twin screwed metal steamer. Its top speed was twenty knots, making it one of the fastest and most manoeuvrable ships of the day.

In August of 1864, the Tallahassee was employed as a Commerce Raider under the command of John Taylor Wood, (nephew of Jefferson Davis; cousin to R.E. Lee; and grandson of President Zach Taylor). After a successful ten day cruise, which Wood had taken about forty captures off the New England Coast, and even attempted a short raid on Long Island Sound, the Tallahassee found itself in need of repairs and supplies. She headed for Halifax where news got out about her whereabouts and all available U.S. Navy ships were sent to intercept and destroy the Tallahassee. To escape the U.S. blockading fleet Wood, along with a local pilot Jock Flemming, took the Tallahassee through the supposedly un-navigable Eastern Passages and escaped the fleet.

After the War, John Wood settled in Halifax with many other Confederate officers. He formed a partnership with another Confederate, Wilkinson Wood, and flew the confederate Flag above their offices.

Our school colors are red, white and royal blue. The original Tallahassee School Crest was designed by a grade eight student at the old Tallahassee School in 1959. The motto on the crest in Latin is; "Through Difficulty To Success"

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